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Fiduciary Accounting Services, LLC (FAS) launches a new website

By July 28, 2020July 30th, 2020No Comments

Welcome to the NEW website!

In January of this year, we began working on a new website.  Our plan was simple – bring the technology on the backend of the website up to date. However, over recent months, I have spent some time thinking about the best way to reach and support our clients remotely. As a result, we took a bit more time to develop and launch the website with some additional resources. I am thrilled to welcome you to the new site.

For individual trustees and their representatives, the most difficult part of getting an accounting done is gathering the information.  We have included a comprehensive checklist to assist with the process. We have also added some Record-Keeping Tips to assist new Trustees and Executors on the best practices for gathering, retaining, and documenting the activities of the trust or estate.  On this site, we have identified and answered some Frequently Asked Questions about how to get started.

Under the new tab “For Clients” you will be able to log in to our document repository where information can be uploaded and accessed at any time during the accounting preparation or pay your invoice online.

Finally, check out Our Team, to see and get to know the faces on the other end of the line until we can meet again.

Fiduciary Accounting Services, LLC - New Home Page