How We Work

Our proven methodology will transform details and clarify complex transactions,
resulting in a fiduciary accounting that provides you with confidence in your role
as trustee, executor, or conservator.

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For the
Trustee, Executor, and Conservator

We understand this can be a stressful and potentially overwhelming process. FAS will work with you to seamlessly navigate this process, ensuring that all required information is gathered and ultimately presented in a full and accurate account of the activity under your responsibility for discussion with your counsel or other third parties.

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For the

We will work directly with your client, freeing you and your staff to work on other aspects of the case, while maintaining close communication with your office should any issues arise. Alternatively, we will work directly for you and your office, allowing you to maintain attorney/client privilege and control the fiduciary accounting process.

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The FAS Process

We have a focused approach to meet the specialized accounting needs of trusts, estates, and conservatorships.