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What We Do

We are equal parts technical and consultative, working to report all the transactions
within a Trust, Estate, or Conservatorship and understanding the nuances of each
case to present a narrative that will be understood by all.

Your Partner

We are your partner in delivering solutions to accounting challenges and meeting your fiduciary responsibilities.

Since our inception in 2007, FAS has met the challenge of tracking and documenting complicated financial transactions into a simple, straightforward process – providing you with actionable information. Regardless of your situation, our final reporting will fulfill all legal requirements and fiduciary responsibilities. Our clients, including attorneys, bank trust departments, individual trustees, and court-appointed administrators, look to FAS to outline and manage the process of preparing a complete fiduciary accounting.

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Gather & Organize Identify Assets Prepare Accounting Schedules Income & Principal Allocation Document Distribution Proposals Fiduciary Accounting Review

Gather & Organize

We work with you to identify and gather all relevant and required financial information necessary for reporting as well as the ongoing administration of your trust, estate, or conservatorship. We provide a means of managing and organizing such information so that it is readily available to all appropriate parties.

Identify Assets

Our review of each case includes identifying and confirming the assets held in the trust, estate, or conservatorship, ensuring all assets have been accounted and verified.

Prepare Accounting Schedules

We document each transaction separately, confirm and clarify transaction descriptions, and report each transaction on the appropriate accounting schedule.

Income & Principal Allocation

The Uniform Principal & Income Act (UPAIA) requires that transactions be allocated between Income & Principal. Our extensive experience and knowledge of UPAIA requirements allow FAS to complete these allocations quickly and accurately.


Through our proven methodology, we transform volumes of financial transactions into concise information, meeting all California Probate Code requirements. We ensure that you can provide a complete and accurate account of your period of responsibility, whether you are reporting to beneficiaries or the probate court or preparing for legal proceedings.

Distribution Proposals

In the event a probate is closing, a trust is being terminated, or a legal settlement has been reached, FAS will prepare a proposed distribution schedule to clearly present the division of assets between beneficiaries.

Fiduciary Accounting Review

We review and correct previously prepared accountings that are out of balance or incomplete. We apply our experience to understand and address the needs of each unique case.