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Fiduciary Accounting Services, LLC is the premier provider of fiduciary accounting for Trusts, Estates, and Conservatorships in California.

We are a specialized accounting firm, partnering with individual trustees, attorneys, private professional fiduciaries, and financial institutions to document the activities of a Trust, Estate, or Conservatorship.

Our firm has built a strong reputation in California as an extremely knowledgeable team. We focus on helping our clients present a quality accounting, reflective of responsible administration, while significantly reducing the time and effort to produce the accounting.

We understand the value of accurate and timely reporting. Our process transforms numerous individual transactions into a simple, straightforward report – providing you with actionable information to meet your fiduciary accounting needs.

The FAS Advantage

Fiduciary accounting is all we do…that’s it.

The reasons for a fiduciary accounting are many: an estate is in probate, there is a dispute among beneficiaries, a trustee is facing legal action.  Our clients’ needs are the same, a complete and accurate fiduciary accounting, regardless of the details that distinguish the case.


Many advisors lack the time, resources, and experience to prepare fiduciary accountings that meet probate code standards. Focusing exclusively on this niche, FAS has mastered the skills required to satisfy the most stringent of court requirements.


FAS has prepared fiduciary accountings that include all types of assets—from cash and securities to real estate and family-owned businesses. Our report may encompass months to decades of transactions in pursuit of a comprehensive financial picture.


We are impartial arbiters, retained to review, report, and clarify complex financial records for all affected parties. Our specialized team will produce a court-ready, straightforward fiduciary accounting, that is understood by all.


We understand and respect the confidential nature of the information we are managing on your behalf. At FAS, our team is trained, and our systems are designed to promote the highest level of client confidentiality at all times.


Since much of our work is time-sensitive, we have developed a methodology that allows us to quickly work from engagement to delivery of the report, ensuring that our clients meet their deadlines for filing, litigation, and/or mediation review.


Our experience and understanding of the specialized process of fiduciary accounting allow us to deliver information clearly, thoroughly, and effectively. We know what is required to prepare the accounting at every step through the process.

What We Do

We are equal parts technical and consultative, working to report all of the transactions within a Trust, Estate, or Conservatorship and understanding the nuances of each case to present a narrative that will be understood by all.

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How We Work

Our proven methodology will transform details and clarify complex transactions, resulting in a fiduciary accounting that provides you with confidence in your role as trustee, executor, or conservator.

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Who We Are

Our vision, mission and values guide everything we do. We have built our teams to complement each other, resulting in accurate and seamless delivery for our clients.

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